Fluolion SEQUEL

Pure white for food and pharmaceuticals

DescriptionAn outstanding, non contaminating packing made from WL Gore & Associates highly developed SEQUEL yarn of ePTFE and an entrapped white solid lubricant with heat conductivity and lubricity features close to graphite. James Walkers design and manufacturing expertise converts the yarn to a cross plaited packing offering optimum performance, density, resilience and durability.

Typical applications. Rotary and reciprocating plant in the food processing, pharmaceutical, speciality chemicals, and pulp and paper sectors. It is particularly recommended for sugar and chocolate processing, and fine paper production.

Specifications. SEQUEL yarn is FDA approved for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Prime Features. Clean, non-contaminating and graphite free. Long maintenance-free service life. Minimal shaft wear and leakage. Superior performance over other pure white packings.

Chemical properties. Compatible with media in the range pH 1-14 excluding strong oxidising agents and molten alkali metals.

How supplied. All popular square sections from 3mm to 25mm in 8m lengths. Customers are recommended to use sets of preformed rings fro optimum performance, fitting ease and economy. Full fitting instructions are included.

Service capabilities

Valve Stem Duties
Maximum Temperature +280c
Minimum Temperature -100c
Maximum system pressure 100bar
Centrifugal Pumps & rotary equipment
Operating Temperatures as valve stem
Maximum shaft speed 20m/s
Max system pressure 20bar
Reciprocating pumps and rams
Operating temperatures as valve stem
Maximum rod speed 2m/s
Maximum system pressure 100bar