Rover Medium Soft Cotton

‘Natural’ choice for water and oil media.

DescriptionSuperior quality packing, plaited from fine cotton yarns of soft texture. Each yarn is uniformly impregnated under heat and pressure with a petroleum based grease and graphite prior to plaiting.

Typical applications: The ‘natural’ choice for marine or land based pumps and valves that handle cold water or oil.

Prime Features: Optimum density. Good flexibility. Easy to cut and fit. Very economical.

Chemical properties:Compatible with media in the range of pH6-8

How Supplied: All popular square sections from 3mm to 25mm, boxed in 8m lengths. Larger cross sections manufactured to order. Also supplied as split preformed rings and sets. Full fitting instructions are included.

Service capabilities

Valve Stem Duties
Maximum Temperature +90c
Minimum Temperature -40c
Maximum system pressure 50bar
Centrifugal Pumps & rotary equipment
Operating Temperatures as valve stem
Maximum shaft speed 7m/s
Max system pressure 10bar
Reciprocating pumps and rams
Operating temperatures as valve stem
Maximum rod speed 1m/s
Maximum system pressure 50bar