Length-form graphite packing with reinforcement.

Description: Plaited length-form packing of pure exfoliated graphite ribbons that are reinforced with fine Inconel wires to provide additional strength plus resistance to pressure and extrusion.

Typical applications: Valves handling steam, condensate, fuel, oils, gases, chemicals, process water or effluent. This product is widely used in petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations and steel mills.

Prime Features: Exceptional temperature range. Excellent chemical resistance. Long service life with rotary or rising stem valves. Low friction and high thermal conductivity. Easy to cut, shape and install. Replaces moulded graphite foil rings and reduced stockholding. Extended shelf life – does not harden.

Chemical properties: Chemically inert within the range pH 0-14, excluding strong oxidising agents. Negligible volatile content. Low in extractable trace impurities such as chloride and sulphur.

How Supplied: All popular square sections from 3mm cross section upwards to suit all standard valves. Boxed in 8m lengths or supplied as split preformed rings and sets. Full fitting instructions are included.

Service capabilities

Valve Stem Duties
Maximum Temperatures
Steam +650c
Oxidising conditions +450c
Non-oxidising +1000c
Minimum Temperature -200c
Maximum system pressure 210bar