Walkersele Materials

It is essential that materials are :

  • compatible with the media to be selected
  • stable at the working temperature
  • wear resistant at the operating conditions
  • suitable for the operating speed

If assistance is required in materials selection, advice is freely available. The following materials are the most popular:-

Material Polymer Type Max under-lip temp C Designation General features
NBR Nitrile 120 M1 Standard material for fabric backed seals
M2 Rigid fibre backed self retaining seal
M6 Self retaining seal with flexible encapsulated-mteal back
FKMFPM Fluoroelastomer 200 M8 Self retaining seal for high temperature and speed
M9 Material for fabric backed seals for high temperature and speed
HNBR Hydrogenated Nitrile 150 Elast-O-lion Lip material for increased wear resistance at high speeds
PTFE PTFE 260 Fluolion Used for chemical and food processing applications