Parker Oil Seals

Parker Oil Seals are backed with over 100 years of seal design experience. Available in the common metal OD construction for inch requirements and rubber covered OD for metric requirements. Single lip and double lip profiles are available as well as over 100 special profiles for applications with unique operating conditions. The typical size range is for shaft diameters from 0.200″ (5 mm) to 10″ (254 mm)


Parker Oil Seal designs offer solutions to virtually any rotary sealing challenge. Along with seals that retain oil, grease and other viscous fluids, Parker offers seal designs to accommodate:

High eccentricity
Separation of two fluids
Dry running
High pressure
Wiping and scraping

Also available are designs that exclude contaminants such as light dust, water splash, gravel and mud.

Parker Oil Seals can be found in:

Gear Boxes
Custom Equipment
Automotive Applications

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