Marine Seals

MARINE SEALS (Rotary & Mechanical)

As supplier of top quality seals, we are pleased to offer James Walker, Parker Hannifin Clipper and Vulcan Engineering marine seals:


“High performance sealing technology”

Walkersele is James Walker’s well-proven family of radial lip seals for rotating shafts.
Their Walkersele D6 and Walkersele D7 variants are widely used in all types of marine propulsion systems including bearings, gearboxes and associated equipment. Unlike many other spring- loaded lip seals, most Walkerseles have no exposed metal components apart from corrosion resistant stainless steel toroidal spring.

The stringent demands of modern engineering emphasis the value of quality. No effort is spared at James Walker manufacturing sites to achieve the highest possible standard where quality is concerned.

In most applications the main role of a Walkersele is to retain lubricant within a bearing assembly. It will effectively:

  • Extend bearing life and improve reliability
  • Cut maintenance costs and downtime
  • Reduce lubricant loss and costs
  • Cut power consumption with low friction running
  • Reduce corrosion caused by dissimilar metal interfaces
  • Minimise the risk of contravening strict IMO pollution regulations

In addition, in marine duties, a Walkersele is also required to prevent the external environment, be it fresh or seawater, from entering the equipment and causing damage.

Walkersele Materials

Parker Hannifin Clipper Oil Seals

“Clipper Oil Seals provide superior performance in the most demanding and critical applications”

The most unique feature of the Clipper oil seal is non-metallic construction. The metal case that is common with traditional lip seals is replaced with an aramid fibre and elastomer composite material.

Stainless Steel springs are standard on all Clipper Oil Seals, where the industry standard is a lower quality carbon steel. Clipper’s spring material provides improved lip loading at higher temperatures and resists the rust and corrosion that is common with lower quality materials. The upgraded spring ensures consistent lip loading over the life of the seal


  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Resists problems caused by thermal expansion when seal case and housing are different materials
  • Eliminates seal damage during installation. The Clipper seal is known for its user-friendly installation

As a major supplier of Parker seals, at Interseals we are able to offer their complete range of marine seals either directly from stock or promptly from the manufacturer.

Vulcan Engineering

“Mechanical Seals Specially for the Marine Industry”

Vulcan appreciate the challenges a volatile marine environment can inflict upon machinery within vessels, either out at sea, or in the docks undergoing repair and vital maintenance.

Vulcan have a long established range of direct replacement seal designs to suit all types of pumps and compressors associated with the marine and shipping industries. In all cases the Vulcan seals will resemble the original parts, while providing improved performance and quality benefits from our design and manufacturing policies. Vulcan seals fit directly into the original equipment without modification to either the pump, or the installation procedure.

Vulcan Type 9X – Improved Seal Performance by Design

The Vulcan Type 9X mechanical seals are robust, general purpose, parallel spring, pusher type seals, designed to suit standard metric and imperial housing dimensions, that are commonly found in the marine industry. These are a direct replacement for John Crane®, Flexibox® Types R00, R10, R20 and R30 series, together with Pillar® US1, US2 and US3 series (CGU).

Featured below are the Standard 9X range, supplied with either solid or inserted rotary face, in a wide variety of face and elastomer materials. All types provide a positive drive to the rotary face, by a heavy duty spring..

Four versions are available and vary only by the method or providing the drive to the rotary seal face.

  • Type 95 – Drives directly from shaft
  • Type 96 – Type 95 components with the addition of a split ring and washer for simple shaft abutment.
  • Type 97 – Type 95 components with addition of a grub screwed drive collar.
  • Type 98 – Heavy duty, single spring, pusher type seal, supplied with either solid or inserted rotary face, in a wide variety of face and elastomer materials. Seal is driven by a grubbed screwed collar , similar to the Type 97. The Type 98 design is unique compared to 95,96 and 97, as it designed to suit different housing sizes and is supplied with a double O- ring stationary seat, as standard.
Marine Seals type_96 type_97 type_98
Type 95 Type 96 Type 97 Type 98

Also available, Vulcan VF4 gland packing for prop shafts, rudder tubes and other Marine applications